4 options to invest your money in 2018

Today, the real challenge is to ensure that your savings do not lose value, that is, that your money continues to grow.

For many, the challenge is no longer saving

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But it really is something difficult to achieve if you continue to keep the cash under the mattress or somewhere in the house.

Even when he puts it in the bank, the interest rates he pays for savings accounts don’t do him much justice.

So what are the options you could aim for this year to make your savings grow? The following alternatives are four of the most profitable you can choose:

1. Actions
2. Currency
3. Collective investment funds (FIC)
4. Term Certificate of Deposit (Term Deposit)

But how to know which one to choose? Ideally, you should look at the profitability of each option , that is, how much you can earn. Second, also look at the term you have to make the investment, since in some such as the Term Deposit, the more time you have, the more you can earn.

Case of investments

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It is important that you know well how the chosen option works, that will help you to be sure of knowing how much money to deposit. In addition, it is not necessary to choose only one, since creating a varied portfolio will help reduce the chances of loss, especially in the case of investments that are not so safe.

One of the “fixed” options is the Term Deposit

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As they let you know how much you will earn beforehand, as it is a fixed rate. However, this does not apply to all options, so knowing and informing yourself as much as you can will be very helpful.

Finally, knowing about the market and what 2018 holds for those sectors will be beneficial to make a correct decision.

Remember that if the Term Deposit is your thing, before requesting one, it is recommended that you compare the options.

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