Loan companies chased banks

Within 2017, 513, 000 gained from loans and financial loans of non-banking institutions. individuals. At the same time, 2/3 of this team (approx. 320, 000 customers) had a credit obligation on the bank. For comparison, just 5. 7 million individuals repaid cash loans.

According to BIK information, the share of goodbank customers increases with the quantity of active credit products. Within the group of all borrowers plus borrowers, the clients associated with only loan companies constitute 1 ) 4 percent. debtors. Along with five commitments, the reveal of such clients as a whole debt increased to 10 %. However , with 10 and much more credit products, customers associated with loan companies already account for 53 percent.


Small plus small non-bank loans very popular than loans

Small and small non-bank loans more popular than loans

Loan providers grant more small financial loans than banks. In the portion up to 4 thousand PLN the share of the previous is almost 60 percent. (BIK data for the period January-July 2018). Even greater dominance is visible in the loans up to one thousand category. zł. Right here, non-bank institutions control eighty percent. the market.

The greater the amount of the responsibility, the greater the importance of banks. Along with amounts up to 10, 500 PLN their share within the credit products market surpasses 50%

Nevertheless , if we consider the total financial debt balance, the dominance associated with banks is indisputable. Just every 12 zloty (3. 73 out of 45. five billion PLN) borrowed within the period from January in order to July this year. came from mortgage institutions.

The particular banking sector clearly concentrates its offer of money loans in higher sections – write BIK experts in their summary.


1 credit as seven pay day loans

One credit as seven payday loans

Despite this, the average quantity paid by loan companies improves. It has increased by 80 percent since 2015. While 3 years ago the average non-bank mortgage was at 1 . four thousand. PLN, so within the first quarter of this 12 months – already at second . 6 thous. PLN During this period, the average loan amount improved by 16%. (from sixteen. 2 to 18. 8 thousands of PLN).

The particular dynamic development of the non-banking sector illustrates the average consumer debt even better. In 2015, it amounted to second . 4 thousand. PLN, and spring 2018 – seven, 000 zł. This is an boost of 192%!

In banks, the small increase in average customer financial debt was similar. However , the particular dynamics was much smaller, because it amounted to 21 %. (from PLN 20 in order to 24. 1 thousand).


Bank vs loan company — a different business model

Bank vs loan company - a different business model

Nevertheless , please note that the differences would be the result of different business versions. Loan companies apply a more generous lending policy than banking institutions. They require less formalities, which could all be dealt with over the internet, and are more favorable in order to banks regarding the customer’s creditworthiness.

As a result, with regard to so-called a customer from the road, i. e. having no more relationship with a given lender, obtaining a non-bank loan is certainly faster and easier compared to taking a loan. But this particular liberal lending policy also offers its limits, and the outcome is smaller amounts compensated by goodbanks. </

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