The fantasies that the credit card produces

If you start to have misconceptions about your plastic, you will end up giving it a bad handle and borrowing more than you should.

Having a credit card and not having clear ideas is not a good combination. And it is that he begins to have certain fantasies about his plastic that paint ideal situations that unfortunately are not true. The temptation of the credit line is likely to make you think wrong things, but the sooner you destroy them, the better it will be for your wallet.

Some of these fantasies are:


Believe it is extra money

Believe it is extra money

If you treat your credit card as if it were an extra money that the bank is giving you, it will not go very far, since in a couple of months you will be so in debt that you will not know how to get out of the situation. Plastic is a financing method, by which you will almost always have to pay interest, do not be confused!


Believe that you should use it to pay everything

pay credit

Although it is easy and fast to use, you should evaluate when you use them to avoid paying interest on purchases that are not worth it. If it is a relatively large purchase, it is worth using the card and dividing it into installments so as not to affect your monthly budget so much. Payment for services, food and household expenses? Better to use cash or debit card.


Believe that it is better than a personal loan

personal loan

Do you need extra money and instead of applying for a personal loan, do you prefer to take it out of your card? You are forgetting the commissions and other charges, in addition to the interest rates for this type of service. Loans will always be more convenient because their rate is lower.


Believe that all cards are ideal for you

Believe that all cards are ideal for you

All cards fit their habits, all benefit and all are worth it. Error! The ideal card is one that fits your profile, has a low interest rate and gives you benefits that you can take advantage of. Instead of choosing at random, it is most reasonable to compare all options before requesting one. For that, use web comparators like Barkley’s.

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